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I am curious. I ask questions, I question answers and I never stop learning.

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Puerto Rico 2017
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Where to Begin?

As a professional, one of the more difficult things to do is write about yourself--your profile, your bio, your journey.

What pieces are most important?

Where is the line between impressive and arrogant?

Which milestones matter to others?

How do you corral 10, 15, 20, 30+ years of your professional life- the challenges and successes, wins and, well, learning opportunities - into a few paragraphs?

You can't. I have learned that.


Your only hope is to provide just enough value (or intrigue) to push another human being over an invisible threshold toward a path of discovery. A desire to learn more about you...and perhaps how your worlds will intersect or influence. 


This is an attempt at my own professional snapshot. My hope is that it pushes you beyond that invisible threshold.

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